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Behind the Sky Sea Resort

Behind the Sky Sea Resort - SkySea ResortFirst, let me introduce myself: my name is Paolo Coiro, class of ’83, greyish hair and beard verging on white, 175 centimetres tall and weighing between 65 and 67 kilograms since the age of 16.

I will be the one to edit the pages of this blog, to take you on a fascinating tour of the Sky Sea Resort and the fabulous island of Skiathos.


Who’s behind Sky Sea Resort?

The Sky Sea Resort is the fruit of an idea, or rather, a vision of my father Orazio.
After falling in love with Skiathos and spending several holidays on the island, one day he climbed the hill where the resort currently stands and immediately imagined what has now become reality.
Obviously, years passed in these two lines between bureaucracy, work, solutions to be found and much more.
Currently the resort is family-run: it is me, my brother Ernesto, and my sister Linda with our respective families.
We have 7 to 8 other people helping us in the business, including the housekeeping staff and all-rounders.

Our idea is very simple and well-focused: a resort with all comforts, where you can enjoy nature at its best.

Even several locals who have come up here have confessed to us that ours is one of the most beautiful views on the entire island.
It is a valley that reaches down to the sea.
On the sides there is simply a lot of greenery, Mediterranean scrub and olive trees; while in front is the sea in all its majesty (especially when the sun peeks through at dawn) with several islets.

In addition to the sea and hills, you also have a view of the town with all its lights and the airport.


A nature’s wonder


Nature gives us such wonderful spectacles, which is why we have tried to respect it in every way.
We have just used local stone for the building, we recycle sewage water which we then use for irrigation, we have rainwater collection tanks, we have planted several fruit trees and we have not uprooted any olive trees, only moved them.

We have also included a vegetable garden with tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes, cucumbers, green beans and herbs. All of this is available to our guests, who will be able to prepare their own zero-kilometre side dishes. All of this is available to our guests, who will be able to prepare their own zero-kilometre side dishes.

One more thing: in our swimming pools, we use a reduced percentage of chlorine, preferring salt to disinfect the water.

Our grandparents were all farmers and I like to say that we were all born from the earth.
That is why it must be loved and respected.

Another spectacle of nature to be enjoyed are the swallows and pheasants circling in our area.
We have swimming pool pumps, deliberately left open during the spring because swallows have built their nests there.

Our hospitality concept


This is our idea: ours are not luxury villas, even if they have all the comforts, but they are villas in the luxury of nature.
In the summer, far from the centre (although it is only a 10-minute drive away) and higher up than sea level, you can enjoy the peace and quiet and that gentle breeze that usually blows in our area.

Then, there is our hospitality, which is sacred to us, because it is perhaps inborn to our way of being and our vision of the universe.

Without wishing to philosophise too much, we like to welcome our guests and make them feel good; but even more, we like to get to know our guests who come from all over the world.

We see our work as a gift that brings value to our lives and experiences:
to be able to meet and get to know so many different people and to discuss what you want with them.

We also take great pleasure in advising our guests on the best restaurants depending on what they prefer, beaches to visit, monasteries; in short, how to experience the island in the best way according to personal needs and tastes.


Our Skiathos

We liked Skiathos from the beginning because, being the greenest island in Greece, it releases so much positive energy and natural beauty.
The Sky Sea Resort has the clear intention of following this path and fitting into the natural and social context, without encroaching on it.

This is also why we collaborate with various local businesses, such as the very friendly Maria from the Parissis Winery, which is located right above us.
We also work with several restaurants that we recommend to our guests, with boat hirers or boat tour organisers.
For instance, we work with Stefano, ‘known as the Tolo’ who organises amazing day and night fishing trips; especially the aperitifs that Stefano organises on the boat are fabulous 🙂
We collaborate with Giorgia, Stefano’s wife, who has a travel agency in Skiathos and has contacts with many facilities.

In short, we try to do our part so that Skiathos is preserved both from a naturalistic point of view and as a type of tourism; a conscious tourism that benefits the social tissue and the environment.

This is our idea, this is our Skiathos 😉


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