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SkySea Resort is nestled on the slopes of a hill in Skiathos, surrounded by greenery and tranquility, with a breathtaking view that extends to the horizon. Suitable for families with children and groups of friends, looking for a quiet and comfortable location.

The complex consists of 4 big villas ranging from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 5 rooms and 3 small villas (2 to 3 rooms).
Each big villa has at least one swimming pool,
and an internal and an external kitchen. The bedrooms have an en-suite bathroom and have a sea view (except 2 rooms).
On the other hand, small villas have a jacuzzi and a kitchen.

We have also thought of the little ones: there is a 60 cm deep swimming pool with inflatables of various shapes and a wooden structure with two swings, the slide that ends in the water and a trampoline.

Next to it there is a beautiful green and soft lawn where children can play or have a nice picnic.
Where are we in Skiathos ? Just 5 kilometers from the airport and 2 kilometers from the first beach.

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holiday villas in skiathos


We are a family-run resort: everything was born from the idea of our father, in love with the island of Skiathos.
We are three brothers who, with their respective partners, since we started spending our holidays here, we thought that this place should be respected.
The green footprint, for us, is not a fashion but a passion and a form of education towards nature.

All the olive trees present were simply moved and no trees were felled.
We have planted many other fruit trees and ornamental plants of various kinds.

A rainwater recovery and black water recycling system was installed.
There is no shortage of solar panels and only local stone was used for the construction.
Finally, we are planning a vegetable garden to be made available to our customers

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Villa Arianna

Ideal for families and groups of families who go on vacation together.

It can be mom and dad with 5 children, as well as two sisters with their respective husbands and children and, why not, even grandparents.
In short, for groups of 8-12 people who are part of a family or the same group of friends.

You will have maximum privacy and the rooms, about 25 square meters each, are side by side on one level.
For those who want to spend a holiday with friends or relatives, in total relaxation and with all the comforts of home.

villas in skiathos

Small Villa Emy

It is a two-storey cottage with two double rooms with sea view and private bathroom.

It can accommodate up to 5 persons (maximum 4 adults), because in one of the 2 rooms, a single bed can be added.

Ideal for a family.

The rooms are about 20 square metres each.

There is an outdoor kitchen with all amenities including a barbecue.

To top it off, there is a jacuzzi for your exclusive use, from which you can enjoy a fantastic view while sipping a glass of wine among the bubbles in the hydromassage.

Relax holidays in skiathos

The pool

All our pools are equipped with tempered glass to ensure maximum safety especially for the little ones.
They are all infinity pools and the water is treated with salt and a small amount of chlorine, for a more natural treatment.
The pools have cascading fountains and almost all are flanked by a jacuzzi.
They are illuminated, so you can also enjoy a bath at night.
The one with more swimming pools is Villa Linda: it has 3 of them on different levels.
The only one with only one swimming pool is Villa Noa, but the pool is very long: it is therefore ideal for relaxing swims.

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Relax in Greece

An oasis of peace and tranquility

If you love tranquility and nature, our Resort is right for you.

Here you can meditate or simply relax listening only to the sound of the water and enjoy the pleasant breeze that comes from the sea.

We strongly believe in the therapeutic value of nature and we want to make the experience in the structure relaxing and regenerating for body and mind.

We have also created a path that leads into the surrounding forest which ends with a viewing bench.

On the property there are several olive and fruit trees.
Guests can walk and eat the fruits picking them directly from the plant.

We are committed to being eco-sustainable: we collect and reuse rainwater, we have solar panels for the production of hot water and we recycle black water.

For us, being GREEN is not just a fashion, but a passion.

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Get carried away by Skiathos

Experience the wonder of Greece

Skiathos is known for being the greenest island in Greece.
It boasts a myriad of beaches, free and equipped. In total there are about 60.
On the north side, the beaches are wilder than on the southern part of the island, where more tourist bays prevail .

There is no shortage of restaurants, bars and ice cream parlors.
Among the alleys of the center we can find all kinds, but also in the hills, in more isolated areas, there are excellent ones.

It is ideal for families with children, but also for young people.
There are direct flights to the island from major European airports.

Vivi la Grecia
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the Sea and the beaches in skiathos


Skiathos boasts a myriad of beaches, free and equipped. In total there are about 60.

On the north side, the beaches are wilder than on the southern part of the island, where more tourist bays prevail.

Among the former there are Mandraki , Ligaries and Kechria : a few umbrellas and a typical tavern to eat or drink; reachable by car on a slightly bumpy road.

Among the most popular and lively is the famous Koukounaries.
A long and fairly wide beach. There are free sections and others equipped, with beach bars , showers and water games.
It can be reached easily by car and has a large parking area.

Accessible only by sea, there is Lalaria : crystal clear water and white pebbles. In addition to her beauty, Lalaria is remembered for the famous film “Mamma mia!”, Shot in part in this location.
Boats leave the port every day and stop in Lalaria for 3-4 hours. There is no tavern, so bring food, water and umbrellas with you, as there is no shady space.

Also from the port, several boat trips depart to visit the bays of the island , a valid alternative to see more beaches in the same day.

At the foot of the ruins of the village of Kastro, there is a unique beach of its kind. It is not always recommended to spend the whole day there, because it is small and often crowded, it is worth paying a visit: first to the village of Kastro (one of the highest points of Skiathos) and then to go down to the beach for a swim and a lunch at the local tavern.

Another sandy and equipped beach, famous for its sunsets is Agia Eleni .
A beer, a cocktail or a glass of wine to savor until the last slice of sunshine.

If you are looking for a rustic tavern where you can eat fresh fish for lunch, after a swim and a little relaxation, Megas Aselinos is the right place.
It is famous for its waiters who carry trays full of food with one arm.

Then there is Banana Beach, suitable for both families and couples.
Relaxing atmosphere, green-toned water and a sandy beach.

To go to Agistros Beach and Mikros Aselinos, you have to go down a little on foot, through a dirt path.
It is worth it. The problem is only the ascent after a day at sea.

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